I'm an editor, animator, and filmmaker from Syracuse, New York with a BA from Emerson College. Over the years I've worked with a broad range of clients in the digital media space. Here's what I can offer you:


    - Over a decade of experience working in the film industry in Los Angeles.
    - Comfortable with shifting client parameters. 
    - DIY filmmaking background makes me adept at understanding and troubleshooting post workflows.


    - My Jewish/Italian-Eritrean/East Coast background informs my understanding of people and their perspectives.
    - Culture nerd. Specifically: books, music, visual arts, and fashion.
    - Always expanding skill set and outlook in order to elevate work to a new level.
    - Conscious media literacy informs all work.

If you want to talk more, feel free to email me. Thank you for taking a look, and have a GREAT DAY!



* Detailed work history and references
available on Linkedin.