Drive Faster

We drive faster, and faster, and faster, until we smash into something, or we drive faster. Never stopping, only driving FASTER.

Part of an ongoing series pieced together from films I've loved over the years. The structure of the works are open ended, a playground to explore a chaotic sentimentality and other feelings.

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Polaroid Baby

Specters haunt a personal exploration of the institutionalizing of Jewish Holocaust pain.

Now Instant Image Hall - Group Show

Workshopped as part of a class called Ontology vs. The Ontic taught by Rhea Dillon with Cassandra Press.


A short culled from footage I shot in high school. A remembrance, a haunted collective portrait, and a critique.

Winnipeg Underground Film Festival
San Diego Underground Film Festival
DTLA Film Festival
"Salamo’s editing style is probably his most distinct trait as a filmmaker. It’s quick, rhythmic, obsessive, and repetitive in a borderline ritualistic way."- Hammer To Nail


Two video interns document an alien's tortured journey through Los Angeles.

Boston Underground Film Festival
San Diego Underground Film Festival
TromaDance Detroit
Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival

Runner Up: Most Effectively Offensive (BUFF)
"A screaming migraine of a short designed to offend and confound in equal measure..." - The Farsighted

"Insane and weird. I honestly don’t know how else to describe this movie?"
- Bloody Disgusting